Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sam squared in the classroom.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch my awesome friend Sam teach in my classroom. (He is the one who inspired me to do my iPod donors choose projects.) So Sam comes up with the super cool lesson where my kids write what they think is the most important thing about fire safety then we use iTalk (an app on the iPod touches he brought with him) to record the rule each of them had written down. Holy moly, at first I was very concerned about how the kids would do. The lesson was in the afternoon and I’ve had a hard time getting the kids to do a ton of writing in the afternoons. (Now that I think about it in my half-exhausted state, perhaps its just that I either a. need more adult support in my room so my writing can be in small group setting, or b. I am not planning lessons that are appropriate difficulty.) Anyway, I was super impressed with Sam’s management of my crazy kids, his patience with them not knowing what to push, etc. The kids were super engaged. They thought it was cool to get to use the iPods and then listen to their own voices. After they were successful with the lesson Sam and I decided that perhaps they’d earned a few minutes of game time on the iPods. They enjoyed the games and getting a little bit of extra technology time.  Here are some pictures of our awesome lesson… And by our, I mean Sam’s awesome lesson. :) Thanks again Sam for coming in and showing us such cool stuff!!! We can’t wait to get our iPods and start using them every day in our room.

Working with iPods on recording what we had written down.

**I deleted a few pictures because I realized you could see kids' names... I'll do some editing and put them back in ASAP...**

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