Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch-up day!!

Lots have happened in a week around here... I had many feelings of being overwhelmed. First, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends who donated to my donors choose project! Holy cow that project got funded FAST! I am so blessed to have such supportive people in my life!!

Tuesday in PE I could have sworn I was in a real-life comedy show. My students have free play at PE time because, well, they need a break and so do I... So my kids played with all different kinds of balls and were having a great time. As I'm wandering around throwing balls and kicking balls for my kids one student runs over and says, "Sammy the ball is stuck on the cabinet." So, being the shorty that I am I couldn't reach the foam football. What do I do?? I lifted up a student so HE could reach the football. :)  Then after the kids saw me lift one child up EVERYONE was trying to get a ball stuck so they could also be lifted up and get their own balls. Well, I quickly caught on to their antics. So I told them too bad that the balls would have to stay up there. In approximately 45 seconds all but two balls were stuck. So then the real comedy hit... Watching 10 first graders throwing a ball to try to get a bunch of other balls down was HYSTERICAL!!! I am such a terrible teacher because I was just standing there watching and trying to keep the kids from being nailed in the face with a ball. They were doing a great job throwing the ball but there was a lip on the edge of the cabinet so the balls wouldn't fall down. After a few minutes I broke down and let Becca get the balls down for the kids. :) Hahahaha.

I became overwhelmed on Wednesday because I was looking at my reading assessments and where my kids SHOULD be... Holy moly, I have a lot of work to do. Good thing I am ready to throw my reading instruction into high gear--and by that I mean drop that baby to low so we can steadily crawl up the hill, then once we've peaked and are able to read we'll be able to go over the other side to bigger and better things at a faster pace. (Make sense to anyone else? Is my metaphor completely ridiculous? Oh well.)

The week ended on a disappointed note. We were supposed to leave Friday afternoon for a volleyball weekend in Emmonak. But we had 60ish mph winds and rain storms so they cancelled the flights. The kids were disappointed because they were excited to see friends from other schools as well as play some competitive volleyball. I was disappointed because after putting in so many hours helping Deana with practices and working on fundamentals, working as a team and all that good stuff I was ready to watch these kids show their skills and play against Emo and the other teams that were supposed to come. But, such is life in Bush Alaska. Thankfully we have a fun staff who is always up for a little competition with the high school team. So we had an informal scrimmage against the kids. So much fun and it is fun to see how much improvement individuals have made since the first practice as well as how much improvement the team has made in communicating and working together.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and getting things ready for next week! :)

Oopsie--forgot to post this on Friday evening... So its been a great weekend, but I'll do a new blog with pictures tonight! :)

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