Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend festivities

Yesterday was a busy day in the life of Sammy Jo... It started with an early wake up so I could go say goodbye to a good friend who is moving into Anchorage to be with the rest of his family. Took him some Gramma Robison bread to give his wife and kids... Then it was traditional pancake breakfast with the AUK family and a trip to the P.O. From noon to two we had open gym for students who had earned brave bucks. (Similar to our old Way to Go Broncos.) It was so fun to see the students in an environment that wasn't sitting in my classroom or in a school mindset. Here are a few pictures... 

Paul helping some older kids with computers. 

The middle of a dodge ball fight with Clark and Nathaniel and a bunch of kids.

Practicing Native Youth Olympics... I THINK this one is Alaska high kick?

A little volleyball. Woo!

After the open gym we had a bonfire with some other teachers and a few of the high school Natural Helpers. We built a fire--it was tough to do because we've had a ton of rain this week... And we shot my 22 through 2 pour downs and some drizzly weather. We roasted hot dogs and made smores. (Since I'm STILL no sugar I just handed out the goods.) Here are a bunch of ridiculous pictures captured by either Jana, Michaela, Sarah or myself. Enjoy! :)

Our own little Elmer Fudd in AUK.

Sweet Holly making Sarah a hat at the bonfire.

Oh dear... 

You can see the rain clouds to the right... But a beautiful sky!

Two of these are my toys, the third is what I really want... Oh Santa...

A beautiful day to shoot a gun!

Again... Oh dear.

Loading my baby up, ready for another round of target practice on a bread machine.

Michaela loves shooting, too!

Oh what a pretty place I live in.

Taste the rainbow!

We're the village people.... YMCA!

Sarah thought it'd be a great idea to make AUK... I think we look ridiculous.

Silly girls. So much entertainment from these two. :)

And these two are SUPER ridiculous... Oh the antics...

Yay for Samsung, Winchester and inspiration from Annie Oakley.

Modern day Annie right there. :) 

I focus better with my tongue out. :) 

Fartin fire?! :)

Hot dog roast... BUT my stick burned through and I almost lost my dinner. :(

I thought this was cool... You could hear the moisture sizzling out of the wood.

These boots been everywhere...

Jana warms her buns over a campfire with her hot dog... Nathaniel also warms his buns by the campfire...

Here is a taste of my weekend... Now I'm in my classroom late at night with another hour or two of work to get done before I can go home and to bed... Happy Fire Safety week to you all!!!

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