Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fire safety practice with Jana's class




Roll some more...

And some more...


and crawl!

Sassy Jimmy was asking me how low you were supposed to crawl... What a funny fellow!

Last Wednesday it was a beautiful sunny day in Alakanuk. My kids had been working hard with me, Sam, and Sarah on learning some fire safety tips. Jana and I did a little co-teaching and decided that perhaps we would give the kids some fresh air and practice what it looks like to fall and crawl and to stop, drop, and roll. Our wonderful para-pro Jimmy was the man behind the camera as we practiced all kinds of fire safety. The kids loved it!

As we were walking down to the road to practice what we should look like in case the school caught on fire, we split boys and girls and sparked a little competition. The kids loved it. They also did a fabulous job of walking with anchors and bubbles across the deck, down the stairs, and to the road.
What a fabulous line! And a ridiculous look on the teacher's face...

Good listeners, fabulous at following directions.

The boys...

The girls...

So I'm not sure exactly what Jana's boy/girl count is... But it is apparent in this picture that there are more boys than girls... I know in my class I have 10 boys and 4 girls... So many sweet children and as soon as we can get school appropriate behavior nailed down I know we'll make HUGE leaps and bounds in learning to read and write and do math. :)

Thanks for all your support folks--the kind words, the helpful hints and the smiles mean so much!

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